Healing water

Hydrocarbon exploration drilling revealed thermal water near Mesteri conducted in 1964. Based on this the village now operating small family-style thermal baths. The thermal water is coming from 1,800 meters with 72 Celsius temperature. The wells have hydrogen carbonated thermal waters contains calcium - magnesium - called „earthy, calcareous waters by Hungarian terminology.

More than 30 years of experience we can say the water is very beneficial for the musculoskeletal, rheumatic complaints. The high carbon dioxide content of a beneficial effect on blood circulation problems as well. The spa area as a prominent value of recreational environment rich in flora rose .

The Master Bath Spa with two open pools . The surface area of 190 square meters , 90 cm deep thermal pool from 34 to 36 degrees , clear , ensuring well-being is filled with thermal water . The pool with ceramic tile and Pools.

No. 1 Recirculation pool 190 m2 32-34 C°

No. 2/A Thermal sitting pool

No. 2/B Thermal sitting pool

190 m2

36-38 C°

35-37 C°

No. 3 Cave (indoor) pool 80 m2 35-37 C°
No. 4 "Children's paddling" pool 80 m2 32-34 C°
No. 5 Cave (falf-covered) pool 40 m2 36-38 C°


The water recommended for:

  • cartilage
  • arthropathy
  • strain
  • sprain
  • sprain
  • rheumatic complaints
  • low back pain
  • posture disorders
  • stress
  • congestion
  • hypertension
  • In case of circulatory disorders.


The water is not recommended:

  • infectious febrile illness
  • Heart Failure
  • epilepsy
  • In case of diseases associated with loss of consciousness


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